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Our generation has entered a second golden age of space exploration. It's now possible for everyone, not just astronauts, to experience the incredible vastness of space. The universe has always been a source of wonder and inspiration for mankind. But it also serves as a reminder of how small we are and how little we truly know. Even more importantly, it reminds us that the Earth is our home.

What if there was a way to bridge our planet with those that lie farther than any place humans have ever traveled? Horizon Spacelines answers that call by providing interplanetary spaceflight travel services. With Horizon Spacelines, anyone can now explore our solar system and its many celestial bodies. 

Our destiny lies beyond the confines of our atmosphere. So look above and let's start exploring.

Horizon Spacelines is the result of my senior degree project, where I explore the question of what the future holds for humanity and outer space.

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Once you've booked your flight, a package will be sent to you. It contains a travel manual, entailing what you will need to prepare for your incoming interplanetary journey.


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